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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Board and Batten Entryway Foyer Part 2: Final Reveal!

I took these pics around christmas time (obviously!) and am finally getting around to posting:-) and because everyone loves a good before and after-- here they are!  You can find Part 1 of my DIY board and batten tutorial here.


After:  Ta-da!

Complete with a new bigger rug I got from Rugs USA during their black Friday sale.  It said light blue in the description online, but it's definitely more of a seafoam in person.  Good thing it looks great that color anyway!

Hallway Before:

Hallway After:

My rug keeps sliding around, need some gaffer tape for that.  I also need to add the small baseboard to the middle section, waiting for my garage to warm up- hopefully in the spring.

Stairs Before:

Stairs After:

Man,  these stairs were the trickiest!! So many angles. Not just the board and battens, but then the tiny trim pieces inside the box were at such weird angles!  I saw a great tutorial on youtube, where the guy cut tape, put them in his angle, then folded it in half where the pieces would meet, then lined his tape up out on his saw blade, and cut the perfect angle every time.  

I love how it turned out, I feel like it's really taking this house up a notch. Now if I could just get new carpet and paint/stain the banister, and paint the super tall walls-- but I'm too tired!!

Happy decorating! xoxo, Lauren

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Part 1: DIY Wainscoting, Board and Batten in Entryway Foyer

I've had this project in my head for ages.  I knew it would take a long time and so when my hubby had a long trip for work I knew it was just the time to get started.  I wanted to have it all up and done before he got home.  Well,  I may have underestimated the time it was going to take to complete this project- ha!  

(Most of these pics were taken with my iphone. No time to get out the big camera in the midst of this project.)

Step 1:  Order the mdf online at the Home Depot, I love being able to pick it up at the front rather than going to and hauling each piece onto the cart myself.  I used 1x6's for the baseboards and 1x3's for the stiles.  I also got some 1x1 trim pieces for the inside of the boxes.  

Step 2:  Paint all the  primed mdf in the garage.

Step 3: Clean all the junk off your work bench so you can work.

Step 4: Get all 3 kids off to school finally and gather all essential tools:-)

Step 5: Take before shots!

Entryway Before:

Step 6: Use your chisel, putty knife and hammer to carefully take off the existing baseboard, I put this back on at the end to layer on top of the new 1x6 taller baseboards.  Love this look!

Step 6 1/2:  Measure and cut your chair rail and base.  

While I usually describe myself as a delicate flower and am NOT a feminist, I love being able to build things myself.  There's always a learning curve on each project, and after a few past projects  I feel pretty confident with a miter saw.  During this project I finally figured out my air compressor and nail gun.  Don't have to ask the hubby for help anymore:-)

Someone took all the ear and eye protection with him on a trip, (including my Women on Target ears I just got!),  so I was forced to improvise for safety gear.  Enter my  blingy sunglasses, and I found some of my hub's racing headbands to help dull the noisy saw.  Don't forget to pull your hair back too, you don't want that getting stuck in your tools or in the way!

Step 7:   Using your Level, make a line and tack the new chair rail in place, mitering the corners.   Also the baseboard.  Then measure and add the stiles with your nailer.  Don't forget to use your glue too!

Step 8: DESIGN TIP!  Make sure there are always stiles at both ends of the wall!  You don't want a 3 sided box up against your door frame, there needs to be 4 sides of molding and then your door frame, or it will look unfinished.  Same with the corners, make sure there is a stile at the corners.  Don't let the wall corner hang out by itself.

Step 9: Repeat process for each wall.

I'm loving our new hand scraped hardwood floors we got last year... 
I really should have covered them up with some brown paper stuff to avoid getting sawdust in the cracks.  It was a real pain to get out.  I put my air compressor on a piece of cardboard so I didn't scratch the floors.

Step 10: Once boxes are up, go around with your smaller trim and add to the boxes.  This helps hide any gaps between the mdf and the wall not being plumb.    Putty and sand nail holes and joints.  

This takes forever!!

Step 11: If you're running into other existing trim, like up the stairs, use a coping saw to cut the trim away where you need to.  Like on this small piece below.

I'll be back with PART 2 for the final reveal!

Monday, February 9, 2015

White and Gold Backyard Baby Shower

I forgot to share the baby shower I did over a year ago.  It was a surprise sprinkle for my best gal pal.  I made gold crowns for us all to wear and put on as you arrived.

I love my patio with the evergreens, such pretty and private backdrop.

 A group gift of Diapers and wipes all wrapped up.

I made the signs in photoshop and printed at costco to put in gold frames I found at Big Lots for $3!

I made the napkin ring out of red glitter paper strips and staples it on the back.

Amanda, Me, Lana, Marie and Sarah, (Yana joined us later)

Fresh mums from my front yard made their way to the table, silver candlesticks, and the lights I hung on my evergreens kept the party going after dark!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Big Boy Green and Blue Room e-design

Just wanted to share  my design for my friend Laura's son's room.  He's turning 3 and he is transitioning into a big boy bed!  Can't wait to get started and see the result.

Living Room Make Over in Pink and Blue

I finally  redecorated my living room last year.  Out with the red, in with the pink and blue.  Too bad I don't  have a shot of my old red curtains,  so glad I finally changed them. I've lived  with them for so long, I brought them from my last house!  I only have Christmas photos, so please bear with me:)  

Here's the before:

And the After!

 I'm still looking for a rug, a tea trolley, new carpet, new lamp on the left.  I'd love to get new sofas,  as these were hand me down from my husband's secretary a long time ago.  Maybe someday I'll get new ones but not anytime soon... At least they are neutral and the most comfortable sofas in the house.  

I made the white and pink pillows out of napkins I got on vacation, the pink upholstered tables are from Target, as well as the pink polkadot and chrysanthemum pillow. Blue pillow was a cover I bought at hobby lobby.  I bought the curtain fabric at fabric.com and simply hemmed the edges and up they went.  The blue pillow on the love seat was a shirt I got at Old Navy, didn't fit so hot so I made it into a pillow.

There you have it, my living room in constant progress!

Homemade Chalkboard - Throw back to Christmas

I've had this art for ages, literally a decade, and while I like the bright colors in it I've been tired of it for awhile.  It's huge, so I thought it would make the perfect chalkboard.

Enter a few coats of chalkboard paint, and it made the perfect centerpiece for my Christmas mantel.  I liked this chalkboard art I had seen  before, and it was easy to recreate with chalk and a wet paper towel to erase.

How to Make a Fresh Boxwood Wreath

So easy to make a boxwood wreath!  I hung mine on my kitchen window over my sink, so I can enjoy it while I'm doing such a mundane task.  I didn't preserve my branches (that step takes a few weeks of soaking them in a solution so they won't lose their color) but mine has been up for over a month and still looks beautiful and green!

This project took about an hour, from cutting my branches outside in my yard, to tying them around my wire wreath form.  Couldn't be easier. Then I hung it on my inside window with a clear command hook.

I was actually super sick when I made this,  I had that nasty flu, but was desperate to get ready for a Christmas Party coming up at my house.  So I decided to push it for an hour, and then couldn't fool myself any longer and spent the rest of the weekend on the sofa!  Thank goodness for Tamiflu--- finally!
The finished product.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer and Year Round Moss Initial Wreath

While on vacation in Colorado this summer, I was hired by my sister and hubby to design their nursery for their upcoming arrival, but I also felt like I needed to spruce up their entryway.  So of course I made a wreath!

I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby:

2 Packs of sheet moss ($7 each)
green floral wire ($3)
hay wreath form ($5)
Burlap with nailhead trim Letter T (in the wall decor section) ($10, half off $20 sale that week)
Burlap Ribbon ($??)
4 Gingham Drawer Pulls  ($3 each = $12)
Large Door hook (to hang wreath with) ($5?)  (I couldn't remember what color their door was, I think I'll swap out the black hook for a clear one when I find one.)

I started by cutting the moss in a shape to cover the wreath, then I just used the pieces of floral wire to wrap around the wreath.



 Then I made the bow, just like a hair bow, fold your ribbon like a fan and pinch the middle, then tie the middle with floral wire to hold it tight.  (Crazy summer hair! wtheck?:-)

The bow needed something in the middle, and that's where I ran to the car and grabbed the drawer pulls I was going to return from another project, and tied floral wire around the drawer pull base, and the wire was long enough to tie around the bow also.  (Sorry should have taken a side view of this part.)

Then I attached the pulls on the greenery the same way, and Voila!  To attach the "T" I hot glued the T where it would touch the wreath, luckily it was a snug fit and it slid in, hopefully the glue will hope secure it...

If you look closely, the green floral wire does show on the front, but it's exactly the same color so it blends in really well.

I tried to make it as neutral as possible, so it could be a year round wreath, it would even look great at Christmas time don't you think?  
Happy Decorating!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas House Tour: Girls' Room

I've always wanted to do trees in the kids' rooms, but the frugal gal in me always put it off, thinking of using that money for something I could use year round instead.  Hosting the Relief Society Kringle Mingle this year finally gave me the excuse I needed.   

I am still in the process of redecorating Leah's room, but the main colors are Gray and Coral.   I sewed all the bedding, and don't underestimate those snowflakes.  There are around 30 of those suckers, and I'm not kidding when I say it took me over 6 hours (during General Conference) to put those things together, not to mention sore hands from cutting out the shapes  (Maybe I should work out?:-)).

I also stuffed some Christmas socks with batting and hung them up on the window frame, reminds me of the Who's in Whoville.  Should have found some coral and white striped socks but I was in a bit of a rush to get it done, so these ones worked for now.

Excuse the weird camera angle, (trying to show off more snowflakes without climbing on the dresser again:-))  I spray painted some old frames I had, and made the art myself in photoshop, from ideas found on Pinterest.

Missing the coral theme, but I found these great damask napkins at TJMaxx, and decided to make them into a Merry Christmas Banner.  I just printed off the letters on cardstock and taped them to the napkins.  Then taped the napkins to a long piece of yarn, and tied some tulle between each one.

Also tied tulle on the light strand in between each light.  I made the flower ball a while back, and the yarn ball is just that, leftover yarn, on top of my candlestick.

 Bunny slippers- cause that's how I roll:-)

And then there's the little nativity scene my daughter found and put out for me.  That dresser will be getting a new color come summer time... can't wait for that!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas House Tour: Guest Room

Today's Christmas Room is my modern eclectic guest/craft room.

I spray painted some branches with white paint (but only to make them light gray,) and hung my pink and blue ornaments on, and placed spools of thread on the big thorns. This is my craft room after all:-)

Then I hung Christmas ornaments with ribbon from the window moldings (yes, someday those blinds will be made into Roman shades like my dining room), and topped it with a feather boa I got at House of Bachelorette-- (best prices on boas-- not paid to say this:-)

Luckily, I have this marabou feather wreath up year round anyway, so that looked festive enough all by itself.  And that lovely one of a kind painting- by Yours Truly at my first Paint Jam session while I was in Hong Kong this summer.  The secretary I got for free and it was in a bad 80s kind of way, and I painted it black a few years ago and added new hardware, I still love it. Great for fabric/craft storage.

And since I haven't found the perfect neo-classical mirror for over the bed yet, I decided to make some paper fan flowers, then cut out some ornament shapes for the center from sticky glittery foam paper, and then cut out the snowflake shapes and stuck them to the wall.

In October the ladies in my Relief Society (church women's organization)  asked me if I would be one of the hostesses for our  Christmas Activity, the Kringle Mingle.  I was so excited to have a Home Tour and really decorate my house up for Christmas.  I'll be adding more rooms each day so you can continue on the tour!

You can also see the post on my daughters' Christmas room here.

Thanks for stopping by!
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